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The Naruto Humor Community!

Because Ninjas are Comedy Gold

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Welcome to the Naruto Humor community. A community devoted to anything humor-based for the Anime/Manga Naruto. We encourage parodies, satire, and for those of you who'd rather draw then write, photoshop, funny comic strips and what not are welcome as well.

--This page is meant souly for the fanart/fanfiction/icons and discussion of humor in Naruto. There for, that means that you can't go posting your angsty SasuNaru stories on here. However PARODIES of angsty SasuNaru stories are HIGHLY encouraged.

--When writing a fic, make sure you use LJ-cut and mark it for spoilers and any other warnings. (Smut, Non-con ect.) Same goes for fanart.

--Make sure to mark your spoilers in general.

--Anything goes here. Yaoi/Yuri/Het it’s all good as long as proper warnings are given.

-- No Flames and/or Character/Bashing. (unless done in-context of a story)

And of course! Be funny!

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