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Here comes the blasphemy! [x-posted]

Haha, I don't know what to call these... Fanpics? XD It's not really cosplay because we're merely characters based on Naruto. Gomen nasai if you find us blasphemous. ^^;

Daylight breaks upon Natsukusa Field, where we find three genin.

Kyokkou Kabute

Shiru Kinoko

Uchiha Ninjin (me ^^;)

[Kabute plays Wind (by Akeboshi) on his flute]
Ninjin: Stop it. You're annoying. Don't interrupt my brooding. *angst angst*
Kinoko: Chikuso! Where's our sensei?
Kabute: Late, as always. What a troublesome human.
Kinoko: I am so ready to take on a mission! I'll teach him not to keep me waiting!
[Kinoko prepares energy ball]
Ninjin: We already know you can do that jutsu. Stop wasting chakra, Kinoko-baka. *angst*
[Ninjin tosses scroll at Kinoko]
Ninjin: Hmph. *hairflip* If you've got so much energy to waste, review our chakra lesson. *angst*
Kinoko: Nan dattebayo?! I don't understand these complicated explanations!
Kabute: I figured as much. How troublesome. Here, I'll put it in simpler terms for you.

Ninjin: ...You total moron. *angst*

I see you...

If you want some more anime/manga/videogame bastardization, feel free to visit Genki Geeks. ^_^
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